Majority of Americans Say President-Elect Joe Biden Will Impact Them, With 1 in 3 Pessimistic

January 14, 2021 9:10 am
Americans Also Sound Off on 2020: Was It the Worst Year of Their Lives?

SAN FRANCISCO – January 14, 2020 – Bospar, the boutique PR firm that puts tech companies on the map, found that an overwhelming share of Americans (89.9%) believe the Biden

presidency will impact them. The No. 1 way: things will get worse. That was the pessimistic consensus of nearly one in three (31.5%) Americans. Nearly as many (31.2%) fear higher taxes.

Meanwhile, more than a fourth (26.2%) of the survey group said that they will think about Trump less. More than a fifth of Americans said the news cycle will be more reliable (22.4%), their blood pressure will go down (22.3%), or that they will think about politics less (20.3%).

When asked what they want to see in 2021, the No. 1 answer from 61.1% of Americans was a cure for COVID-19. Many Americans (47%) said they simply want to see normalcy, while 46% want to see unemployment go down. A sizable share of Americans voiced a desire for racial equality (41.2%) and for America to fight global warming (31.8%). Nearly a quarter (23.7%) want to see Donald Trump go to prison; a slightly smaller group (21.2%) wants him to be inaugurated.

All told, most Americans (62.8%) can agree on one thing: 2020 was the worst year of their lives!

But most (54.7%) said they are optimistic enough to make a New Year’s resolution for 2021.

“Newsrooms around the country have reported to us how it’s been difficult to plan during the Trump administration, with some telling us they have experienced the equivalent of PTSD,” said Curtis Sparrer, a Bospar principal. “With President-elect Joe Biden’s administration, newsrooms around the country are hoping for a return to normalcy – as are many Americans.”

About Propeller Insights

Propeller Insights is a full-service market research firm based in Los Angeles. Using quantitative and qualitative methodologies to measure and analyze marketplace and consumer opinions, they work extensively across industries such as travel, brand intelligence, entertainment/media, retail and consumer packaged goods. Propeller conducted its national online survey for Bospar of 1,009 U.S. adults between December 1-3, 2020. Survey responses were nationally representative of the U.S. population for age, gender, region and ethnicity. The maximum margin of sampling error was +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

About Bospar

Bospar is a boutique tech PR firm featuring a team of highly seasoned professionals who exist to put tech companies on the map. Bospar’s principals include a long-time PR and tech industry guru, a former broadcast TV producer and award-winning media maven, a standout PR agency manager from the corporate side of a leading global law firm, and an experienced executive with both agency and public company credentials. Bospar’s larger team includes experts in both social and traditional media, as well as financial and analyst relations and public affairs.

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