Bospar Launches New Podcast Series –“Politely Pushy with Eric Chemi”

October 21, 2021 1:24 pm
CNBC Veteran Goes One-on-One With Best and Brightest in Tech, Media and Communications

SAN FRANCISCO — October 21, 2021— Bospar, the politely pushy PR firm that puts tech companies on the map, will introduce a new podcast this week, hosted by CNBC veteran Eric Chemi, the agency’s newly minted SVP of broadcast strategies.

Politely Pushy with Eric Chemi” brings listeners deep into the world of tech and media, offering previously untold stories of what it’s like in the trenches. Chemi, known for his business acumen and charmingly assertive (politely pushy) interview style, will sit down with illustrious pros from all walks of media and tech life. 

“We’re talking to some of the most high powered individuals across communications, media and technology,” said Chemi. “They are giving us the best of themselves, sharing compelling stories that describe their struggles, their triumphs, and how they reached the level of success they now enjoy. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of these conversations.”

Each episode of “Politely Pushy with Eric Chemifeatures an in-depth interview with an extraordinary communications pro, marketer or journalist. The series opens with Chris Matyszczyk, president, Howard Raucous LLC, and columnist at ZDNet. Additional episodes feature:

  • Anuj Nayar, financial health officer and head of communications, Lending Club; 
  • Dan Rosenheim, director of business development, Bay City News Service and former news director at KPIX and KRON; 
  • Kasey Bryne, founder, fullpoint marketing; Kamini Ramani, CMO, Mayfield Fund; 
  • Eric Brinker, CEO and founder, Brinker 13; 
  • and Bospar’s own Curtis Sparrer, principal and co-founder, and Kim Barnes, SVP.

Topics are far-reaching, including tech companies’ specific communication challenges, PR’s role in driving B2C or B2B decision-making, leveraging asynchronous media placement, and the journey of becoming a communications maven. The conversations are authentic, brimming with insights and humor, and meander into surprising nooks and crannies in the media world. In the series’ opener, “Is Tech the New Advertising?” Matyszczyk describes his heady days of working in advertising, the similarity to working in today’s tech industry, and his circuitous entry into the world of tech.

For the full story, listen here or watch on or YouTube.

Audio versions of “Politely Pushy with Eric Chemi” will be distributed wherever you typically listen to podcasts. Video versions will live on and on YouTube.

About Bospar

Bospar is the politely pushy tech PR firm featuring a team of highly seasoned professionals who exist to put tech companies on the map. Bospar’s principals include a long-time PR and tech industry guru, a former broadcast TV producer and award-winning media maven, a standout PR agency manager from the corporate side of a leading global law firm, and an experienced executive with both large agency and public company credentials. Bospar’s larger team includes experts in both social and traditional media, as well as financial and analyst relations and public affairs.