Bospar welcomes Peter Kerr, senior director of content, enhancing the firm’s dedicated and stellar content division

Pulitzer Prize finalist and former New York Times journalist transforms clients’ complex technology into fascinating and digestible storytelling for the layman

SAN FRANCISCO – September 16, 2022 – Bospar, the “Politely Pushy®” PR firm that puts tech companies on the map, today announced the appointment of Peter Kerr as the company’s new senior content director.  Before joining Bospar, Kerr was the founder and president of Ulysses Communications, a boutique health tech communications firm for start-ups and growth companies.

Kerr is also a former New York Times reporter. During his 15 years there, he specialized in writing about healthcare, technology, finance, and policy. He was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for his coverage of the illegal drug trade.

“Peter brings his journalism, in-house executive leadership and recent PR firm ownership experience to Bospar’s content marketing team,” said Tricia Heinrich, chief content officer at Bospar. “Tech clients are jaded by PR and marketing folks who masquerade as content experts, and we are rectifying this industry injustice by offering a separate,  dedicated team of award-winning content creators. Peter’s ability to understand the client’s perspective, yet simultaneously bring a realistic view of media’s expectations, makes him the perfect fit for today’s technology clients.”

Among Bospar’s notable achievements as a full-service PR and marketing firm, it has created and curated a dedicated content division highly focused on creating written materials that clients need. These cherry-picked members hail from every part of the communications spectrum – in-house, agency and media. They are equipped to provide technology clients with customized and ROI-driven content that speaks directly to clients’ audiences.  

The ‘Dream Team’

Starting her tech PR career at TI, Heinrich also served as a senior content marketing director at two virtual communications start-ups. In addition to Kerr, Lisa Morgan, Todd Lane and Paula Bernier have edited and written for a variety of business and  technology publications. Broadcast on-air personalities Eric Chemi from Bloomberg and CNBC and Brett Larson from CNN and Fox head up the agency’s content media team. Shira Weiss is a former contributor to the Huffington Post. Both Kerr and Weiss are also recent owners of boutique agencies.

The dream team rounds out perfectly with Joann Whitcher, a highly respected senior editor and content creator, and Racquel Yerbury, a Fulbright recipient who has produced several technology books.

Content across all marketing channels

The Bospar content team develops and writes all content material for the company’s 148 technology clients. Bospar creates paid and organic content across every marketing channel, including PR, social media, viral marketing and experiential marketing. 

Content and the bottom line

From 2021 to 2022, Bospar increased its revenue from $6.5 to $12.4 million. Over the last three years, the company increased overall revenue by 165%. This fast-paced growth was recognized by Financial Times, which named Bospar one of 2022’s 500 fastest growing companies in America. More recently, the agency earned its place for a second time on the Inc. 5000 listing. The content team continues to play a significant role in contributing to this growth and the agency’s bottom line.  

On the client side, content created, including funding announcements, corporate blogs, white papers, sales brochures and e-books, continues to support and drive profitability for Bospar’s clients. For example, due to Bospar’s content marketing campaign, Neon witnessed a 1000% sales increase from its NFT-selling vending machine. Bospar also recently launched the REAL Messenger App, which shot up to the top 10 for real estate on Android and Apple app stores within a few days of its launch, largely as a result of the successful integrated marketing program that Bospar developed and implemented.

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