How taking a walk on the ‘wild side’ helped me become better at PR

July 5, 2023

The rise of remote work and the growing trend of digital nomadism revolutionized the traditional work landscape. Bospar, which has been 100% remote since Day 1, helps clients build a media presence worldwide. While the model presents unique challenges – such as navigating teams in remote environments – it also opens the door to fantastic opportunities. 

Like traveling while working. You can work while sitting on a beach in Croatia or at a cafe in Rome, as long as you have your laptop and a decent Wi-Fi connection. This is impossible in a typical brick-and-mortar office where you must be physically present. And PR, at its heart, is a creative profession where telling stories about and for your clients and seeing things differently can go a long way in helping your client breakthrough. 

Here’s how this PR person went “wild” in life and harvested even better client results.

Plan before you dive in

Growing up on the outskirts of a large city, I always wondered how it felt to wake up to the sound of ocean waves or what it would be like to have lunch at a cafe on a busy street in Rio. Going for a run in the forest between calls felt like an impossible dream, something that a successful writer can do, not a PR person who must constantly predict crises and anticipate new opportunities. 

I made that dream a reality with remote work, careful planning and my laptop. Before taking my laptop on the journey, I ensured I would have a stable internet connection or coworking space close to the place of my travels. Every PR day for me starts with world news and thinking about how that might influence my clients’ industries. I rigorously plan my time by blocking meetings and prioritizing clients. I have a VPN on my laptop to see updated local news.

Becoming an out-boxer for the ultimate one-two PR punch 

We all live in a box of our mindset, which, while comforting, can be limiting. Expanding your vision and getting out of the corners of the day-to-day can help transform your approach to client challenges. I call it out-boxing. 

Once out of your comfort zone and environment, your brain develops new neural pathways that enhance creativity. I bring this creative approach to my client’s work as we brainstorm how to insert their offerings into the news of the day or the world’s big-picture concerns. 

A perfect example is a creative approach to pitching and utilizing verticals. Data companies can talk about the importance of data in the airline industry, ensuring enough flights are servicing a specific location, or a cybersecurity company can give journalists tips on how companies can protect their remote employees. Once you unbox your thinking, you can help your clients implement that vision in their PR efforts and bring more visibility to their business. 

Traveling the world leads to better PR

As we see with the war in Ukraine, a crisis in one country affects the world. We are all interconnected. Adopting this geopolitical approach gives me a global vision of the news that enables me to help clients navigate potential concerns.

While traveling, I learned the unique history of each place and how politics and businesses work and interact with each other. That helps when working with a variety of people worldwide and taking on clients that are looking at landing funding or building a presence in the robust American market. It also helped me build a global network of professionals, learn best practices and get cultural insights that even the most exciting Netflix show couldn’t deliver.

Don’t be afraid to intertwine

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, a travel lifestyle can help you become a more adaptable, globally aware and innovative professional. PR and marketing are creative fields that need a constant flow of out-of-box ideas and progressive people to join. Living outside your comfort zone offers an excellent opportunity to open your mind to new approaches and enhance your client’s media strategy with visionary ideas.

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About the author

Mila Cherednikova is a bilingual public relations specialist based in New York. As Senior Account Executive at Bospar, she brings an international perspective and, with a background in journalism, Mila advises clients on creative ways to tell their stories. She has experience with clients in enterprise tech, cybersecurity, data intelligence, e-commerce, and telecommunications.  She specializes in building strategic media relations and newsjacking. She has a Specialist Degree in Journalism from Moscow State University.