Influencer Relations


When it comes to engaging influencers, we have you covered. We’ll find the on-target people who have cultivated a significant following of the audience you want to reach.  Influencers are pitched and engaged to advocate for your brand. Through original or repurposed content, we motivate these target influencers to “like” and share. Once fully integrated into your PR and social programs, influencers broaden their influence and look for closer collaborations. We can help. Turning influencers into evangelists is what we do – and the results show it.

  • Community Building
  • Engagement Amplification
  • Controlled Traffic
  • PR Integration
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Earned Relationships
  • Paid Relationships
  • Fee Negotiation

See how Politely Pushy Influencer Relations helps our clients shape the world.

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