Bospar peers vote tech PR pro and company task force leader Rachel Verne as August’s B.O.M.B.

September 21, 2022

Congratulations to Bospar’s Senior Account Director Rachel Verne, who her peers voted August’s “Bospartan of the Month, Baby” (B.O.M.B.). Rachel is a born-to-be PR pro who has transformed and elevated client brands worldwide. She’s run her own agency and now is mastering high-profile tech and celebrity clients for Bospar – all while chasing a toddler at home.  Find out which Kardashian star is her role model and learn the childhood advice that’s kept Rachel humble. 

What industries/technologies are you most excited about?

It probably isn’t great for my anxiety as a new parent, but I’ve enjoyed learning more about what data companies accrue and how that information is used. It is reassuring that some industries are hesitant about leveraging this information, but as laws change, we’ll see what transpires. 

Tell us about a recent win on behalf of a Bospar client.

We had less than two months to nail down client messaging, create a website, launch an app, and handle all the deliverables with a title sponsorship for a large-scale conference. It was a tireless few weeks, but watching everything come together and seeing the launch’s success was something special. 

What was your dream job as a youngster?

I wanted to be an actor, but what kid doesn’t? In high school, I learned what a publicist was and knew immediately that was the job for me. Nothing else was ever an option after that.

Who is your professional role model, and why?

There are a few high-profile businesswomen I admire. If the Kris Jenner School of Business were a thing, I would want to take a course. Daily, I take a lot of inspiration from my colleagues and friends. I’ve been in the industry long enough that many of my industry friends now have businesses of their own. I’ve learned so much from their journeys and get a lot of joy watching their successes. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Be the best tree that you can be. My mom used to say that to me whenever I’d get an ensemble role in a play. It means to be the best. Whether you are front and center or in a supporting role doesn’t matter. You should always strive to deliver 100%. You never know who is watching or what it will lead to.

When you’re not working, where might we find you?

Out and about. My husband and I joke that we “have a child and will travel.” We love to get in the car early in the morning with our 19-month-old daughter and 2-year-old Samoyed and just see where the day takes us.

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About the author

Rachel Verne is a Senior Account Director at Bospar. She has over 13 years of experience building and expanding brands worldwide. Running her own firm for eight years before going in-house and diving back into agency life, Rachel’s strong media relationships and solution-driven attitude have helped her deliver high returns for her clients.